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How to Pick your program

Your program should fit into your life. As a member of The Nutrition Lab, you can say BYE to excel templates with perfectly-timed meals that fill you with stress and dread. We’re going to fill your fridge and belly with nutrient-dense foods, enjoyable and satisfying bites but more importantly- we’re going to fill your HEAD with all the things you’re capable of. 

Performance lab

This program is for the disciplined athlete who wants to enhance their performance or prepare for competition. After your initial consultation you will get:

  • Bi-weekly check-ins with your coach through TrueCoach and text message to make changes as needed.
  • Monthly in-person or virtual check-ins to establish parameters for the month ahead and review the last.
  • Multi-disciplinary approach as we work your coach, PT or program to ensure you’re fueled and recovering.
  • Sports-specific sleep and recovery protocols
  • Personalized nutrition program modified after feedback during check-ins

Lifestyle lab

You are a health-minded individual hoping to improve cognitive function, body composition, exercise performance and overall energy. This program adapts to meet you where you are, whether you’re a retired athlete looking for post-career nutrition coaching or a college student who wants to eat and learn more.

The Lifestyle Lab is NOT a weight-loss program. Our mission is to help our community adopt a growth mindset which does not happen when we chronically diet or seek to be less. We do not treat diseases or eating disorders with nutrition coaching.

After your initial consultation you will get:

  • Personalized nutrition protocol that fits your lifestyle, goals and experiences.
  • Weekly check-ins via TrueCoach
  • Monthly research review providing insight into nutritional findings and evidence-based practices. The more you know, the more you succeed!
  • Monthly phone or virtual check-ins to review your month and plan for the next.

Form & Function Lab

The Form & Function Lab is a limited coaching service that provides highly personalized, sports-specific programming. We offer sustainable training that prioritizes form & function over all else.  This service is for those who have limited time and want to PR their squat, learn how to do a pull-up, run a trail 10k or maybe do all the above!

After your initial consultation you’ll get:

  • Progressively build program sent you weekly via TrueCoach. Each month builds off of the next so you can continue to build. Offered 3-5x a week, each ~60-90 minutes depending on your schedule
  • Recovery recommendations and appropriately timed deloads.
  • Competition prep and guidance
  • Video Demonstrations of all movements
  • Monthly virtual or in-person check-in with your coach
  • Client only training-guide that walks you through nutrition, your program, pairing resistance training with endurance, adapting around your menstrual cycle (ladies!) and verbiage used.