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I’m here to bridge the gap between science communications and REAL people. Nutritional research is an ambiguous field that takes forever to advance because humans are complicated. The Nutrition Lab is your source for updated information and easy application. As an athlete, coach, student, educate. I lift, run, study, coach and educate because I don’t believe there are any limits to what we can do. I’m on a mission to help YOU understand that you are your own experiment. The more you understand how your body works, the more you will succeed in chasing your goals, exploring your strengths and eliminating weaknesses.

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I grew up playing academy soccer outside Philadelphia, PA. I withdrew from playing Division I soccer and instead stumbled into the weighlifting side of University of Pittsburgh’s gym. For the next few years I dove headfirst into CrossFit, personal training and exercise physiology.

Over the last decade I’ve played in soccer championships, ran half marathons and trail races, competed in national/international olympic weightlifting competitions, taught group fitness classes, launched nutrition programs at gyms and worked as a personal trainer. All of these experiences pushed me to focus more teaching individuals how to better fuel their bodies and crush their goals.

Currently I’m pursuing a MS in Nutrition, Longevity and Healthspan from the University of Southern California. As a Registered Dietitian, I’m going to provide a no BS approach to nutritional education and implementation.

As a lifelong athlete, I’ve struggled to maintain performance while also battling the implications of being a woman. Don’t eat too much, certainly don’t lift weights or gain muscle. 

My mission is to counter the misinformation and cultural implications of being a woman. We need food. We need to fuel ourself be it for sustenance and/or performance. I refuse sit quiet while the health and fitness industries encourage us to be smaller and take up less space.

I’m using my experience and education to support, strengthen and teach my clients that adequate nutrition means energy, efficiency, and lifelong health.

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