Personalized nutrition

delivered personally

seriously, lets go!

it's our mission to

educate and encourage our community to fuel themselves adequately.  support their athletic endeavors, careers and personal goals. Because when you’re well fed, you can show up for yourself and others.

Performance Lab

Our premier program for athletes who want to sharpen their competitive edge with individualized nutrition and recovery protocols.

Lifestyle lab

Our most popular program that provides personalized plans to anyone keen on enhancing their health and well-being. 

Form & Function lab

F&F Lab is a limited service that provides individualized programming for those looking to enhance athletic performance with resistance training, improve muscle mass or prepare for upcoming competitions. 

Hey, I'm marissa gaab.

My experience as a weight-class athlete and RD-to be inspired me to develop The Nutrition Lab. I coach and educate athletic-minded individuals to eat and fuel their lives. 

The Nutrition


our most popular program, split into two foci: performance and lifestyle.